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Emergency Service

We respond within 15 minutes

Call an ambulance

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Your health and safety is our priority.

Our cover; road accident response and evacuations, hospital transfers and medical emergency response across Kenya

Emergency Contacts

+254 702 898 989
+254 789 898 933


+254 702 898 989

Assistance Hours

Call us at any time 24/7.

General Inquiries

+254 728 657 423

Assistance Hours

Monday – Friday
8 am to 5 pm EAT


How much does it cost?

The costs vary depending on factors such as distance to the health facility and the type of medical or trauma equipment one will use during the evacuation.

Which counties do you cover?

We are working within major cities and towns in Kenya. We also have partners supporting our work in rural areas surrounding these towns and cities.

How can I make payments?

Once you select a product, you will be prompted to make payment via M-pesa. Should the M-pesa popup on your phone disappear, on your phone you can go to:

  1. M-pesa
  2. Select the Lipa na M-pesa Option
  3. Select the Paybill option
  4. Enter 4079331 for the Paybill number
  5. Enter your ID/Passport number for the Account number
  6. Enter the amount indicated on the subscription chosen then enter your PIN.

A customer care representative will call you within 24 hours to welcome you to the Ambulex family and get more information on how we can support you further.

Which hospitals do you work with?

We ask our members to indicate the hospital of their choice and also share with us medical cover details in preparedness, should there be need for evacuation to a health facility. However, should you need emergency services that require hospital attention, we are obliged to transfer you to the nearest health facility with the capacity to handle either the medical or trauma case.