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Our Scope

Ambulex Role in EMS

Ambulex works towards specific wider benefits that include:

  • Saving lives nationally, by reducing the mortality rate from emergency cases
  • Saving national government and its citizens, the money spent on health care costs
  • Reducing gross non-productivity ratios, by averting progression of illnesses and disabilities.
  • Enhancing a job market for paramedical professionals and last-mile healthcare advocates
  • Expanding an economic marketplace for other sectors such as social sciences and insurance

We are addressing social problems of emergency healthcare through research and development, and the market introduction of more efficient emergency care solutions in Kenya. We aim to similarly benefit the target market in the emergency care setting, by guiding future advancements in this area through policy formulation and lobbying for the enactment of laws, procedures, and guidelines addressing EMS in the country.

Ambulex Unique Differentiation

The Ambulex initiative is differentiated from other existing initiatives as it seeks to provide an alternative narrative in the EMS industry, with a shift from a heavily supply-side control of EMS dynamics, to a demand-side surge of service uptake, in a fashion that is more responsive and effective, by the ignition of access and linkage engines, by combining:

Provision of last-mile EMS services

Provision of last-mile EMS services in liaison with communities, government, financial, and private health institutions under an affordable emergency care insurance scheme.

Paramedicine Discipline in Institutions

Catalyzing the uptake of paramedicine discipline in training institutions and providing a market for the same, including post-training/in-service career expansion.

Data-Driven Policy Implementation

Complementarity of EMS with continuous data generation, spurred by a pan-African research approach with relevant facilities, informing national and regional policy development and pursuance of data-driven policy implementation.

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We’re a team of emergency medical care specialists and enthusiasts that are working relentlessly to expand the local space for community-mainstreamed Emergency Health Services in Kenya, to save lives and enable healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities. We work with communities to impact lives through job market expansion, spurring EMS education uptake and impacting small and local business to grow and thrive.