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The Ambulex Service Pillars

Motivated by the prefix “Ambu”, the five (5) service pillars of Ambulex is laced with Alphabetical suffixes that are anchored within our Hubs and Spokes Model:

  • Ambuland: (from the suffix “Land”); Ambulex is providing routine on-ground rescue services through the Hubs and Spokes model, which aims at reducing the overdependence on health facility-based vehicles which are overwhelmed with needs across various health outlets.
  • Ambulearn: (from the suffix “Learn”); Ambulex is creating a market and subsequent demand for specialized Paramedical training for EMS enthusiasts and other healthcare workers who would like to specialize in emergency medicine. EMKF observes that out of the 642 EMTs trained since 2003, a whopping 2/3 of them are no longer active, raising concerns about sustainability and making the profession to be attractive.  Learning modules is made available on computers, tablets and smart phones, with video conferencing and virtual demos, ahead of live sessions.
  • Ambulink: (from the suffix “Link”); Ambulex is harnessing a community-centered  emergency medical response, equipping the hubs and spokes with technology-assisted facilities, which is made even more flexible with user-generated algorithms supported by the network USSD codes per family, with their details linked to a centralized database.
  • Ambuloc: (from the suffix “Location”); Ambulex is pursuing partnerships with Google and Safaricom, to use Geo-Maps location tracking of emergency cases, coupled with active on-site situational dialoguing, which saves on talktime for calls by only using SMS/WhatsApp
  • Ambuluv: (from the suffix “Love”); Ambulex is the only EMS provider in the country and the region that accompanies services with a loving/caring on-site/home-based trauma counselling for palliative care, with a focus on mental health, GBV and home/community-based injury prevention outreaches (sensitization, first aid demonstration etc.)

– What Ambulex will achieve –

10 Million Families subscribing for the Ambulex emergency services

15 minutes turnaround time for emergencies

100% response to emergency cases

Ambulex Geographical Scope

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We’re a team of emergency medical care specialists and enthusiasts that are working relentlessly to expand the local space for community-mainstreamed Emergency Health Services in Kenya, to save lives and enable healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities. We work with communities to impact lives through job market expansion, spurring EMS education uptake and impacting small and local business to grow and thrive.