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Ambulex Solutions is expanding the local space for community-mainstreamed Emergency Health Services (EMS) in Kenya, working towards the Kenya Vision 2030 and contributing to the President’s Big 4 Agenda Action Plan on Universal Health Coverage. Ambulex is destined to be a national leader in Community EMS interventions, with the ultimate goal of “reducing mortality from the habitual accessibility and response gaps to emergency health care by low-income communities in Kenya.”

Inspired by our propensity to be a national leader in grassroots-level EMS solutions, technology-led EMS, affordable payment options, promotion of EMS-related careers and employment creation for EMS professionals, Ambulex Solution has taken an ambitious pathway propelled by the following strategic thrusts:

Our Vision

Healthy and vibrant communities actively playing a role in their own development.

Our Mission

Saving lives and reducing morbidities arising from poor health emergency response in Africa, by providing grassroots-level emergency health solutions to low-income communities.

Our Core Values

Guided by key principles anchored on our mission and vision, we have a commitment to; Preserving Life, Community Service, Knowledge, Innovation, and Sustainability.

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We’re a team of emergency medical care specialists and enthusiasts that are working relentlessly to expand the local space for community-mainstreamed Emergency Health Services in Kenya, to save lives and enable healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities. We work with communities to impact lives through job market expansion, spurring EMS education uptake and impacting small and local businesses to grow and thrive.